Precor 764 Stepper

It only seems natural that the company who first brought you the ultra low impact elliptical trainer would also offer a super smooth stepper. With its magnetic, no-contact eddy current resistance system, that’s exactly what the Precor C764 brings to the table.

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Sturdily built with a low center of gravity and wide foot-plates so you can find your optimal position, the Precor 764 will be around your home or gym for a long time. To enhance your climbing pleasure, the 764 comes with both U-shaped handlebars and traditional handrails. It also easily connects with electronic systems such as FitLinxx® via the CSAFE interface. There are 15 programs on the 764 and 10 resistance levels to keep you climbing high, compared with the 4 or 5 program options often found on a common stair climber. Adding to the hassle free experience of the climber, the 764 comes with sweat resistant tubing and overall highest quality construction. You’ll be able to pin-point your desired speed and closely monitor your heart rate, too, with the 764’s SmartRate® system, which compares actual heart rate in relation to your target heart rate zone. Finally, with low start up resistance, the 764 is suitable for beginners and Mt. Everest aspirers.